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Travertine Tiled Shower Cubicle Refreshed in Leatherhead

The pictures below are of a Travertine tiled shower cubicle at a property in Leatherhead. The tiles were mainly stained by the dyes you get in shampoo and soap and I was confident a good scrub would get them clean. The Grout however had darkened with dirt that had become trapped in its porous top later and the silicone sealant around the edges had become stained with mould.

Travertine Shower Tiles Before Refresh Leatherhead Travertine Shower Tiles Before Refresh Leatherhead

Overall, the shower looked grubby very unappealing so the owner of the property asked that I pop round and renovate it.

Deep Cleaning Travertine Effect Tile and Grout

First, I sprayed the grout lines with Tile Doctor Duo Clean which is a purpose made shower tile cleaner. This product breaks down the accumulated dirt and grime so it can be removed, I usually leave it to soak in for about ten to fifteen minutes before scrubbing it in but sometimes it needs a lot longer.

Next, I applied Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel to the tiles, this product is a strong gel-based tile cleaner that is great for cleaning wall tiles as the gel stays in place rather than running down the wall. This is key for achieving longer dwell times which is important when cleaning stubborn staining. Then I brushed the grout and tile with a strong wire brush focusing on the stained areas. The soiling was removed with a wet vacuum and the shower wall rinsed down with water.

While waiting for the tile and grout to dry following the cleaning I set about removing the old mastic sealant around the shower base and walls with a sharp knife. This does take some time to do right, it all needs to be gone to ensure the best adhesion for the new silicone.

Once the Travertine tile and grout was totally dry, I was able to apply a protective sealer that will make the tiles easier to clean and ensure any water runs straight off the wall and into the tray. For Travertine I applied Tile Doctor Colour Grow which as its name suggests also enhances the natural colours in the stone.

Once done my final task was to apply new silicone mastic to all verticals and the shower base to ensure the shower cubicle was watertight. I used a mixture of white mastic around the base and a light brown for the verticals and before finishing I cleaned the shower base and glass so the final result was a complete transformation.

Travertine Shower Tiles After Refresh Leatherhead Travertine Shower Tiles After Refresh Leatherhead

The mastic takes a while to cure so I advised the clients not to use the shower for 24 hours. I also took time to discuss after care cleaning and be careful what product they should use for future cleaning. The lift of the sealer can be drastically reduced by the use of strong cleaning products so we recommend the use a neutral pH cleaner such as Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro


Travertine Shower Cubicle Professionally Cleaned in Surrey

Rejuvenating White Metro Stye Bathroom Tiles in Dorking

These clients from Dorking were selling their house soon but were concerned about the appearance of the tile and grout in their shower room and bath. The tiles were White Ceramic laid in the popular Metro style, whilst the tiles looked fine, they were being let down by the grout which had discoloured and was turning a shade of pink and brown. Also, the white mastic sealant was blackening and mouldy in places. Naturally, my clients were keen to ensure that potential buyers were not put off by the bathroom and wanted to get the maximum price for the house sale.

Ceramic Tiled Bathroom Before Cleaining Dorking Ceramic Tiled Bathroom Before Cleaining Dorking

This was a nice straight forward job, the tiles can be easily cleaned, and the mastic removed and reapplied, but it would make a massive difference to the overall look of the room. I gave them a price and they were happy for me to go ahead.

Deep Cleaning a Ceramic Tile and Grout

Firstly, I sprayed the grout with Tile Doctor Duo Clean. This breaks down the accumulated dirt and grime and is left to dwell for 10-15 minutes. Then I brushed the grout with a strong wire brush and showered away the dirt. Permanent discolouration is common so there were places the grout failed to return to its original white colour. To resolve this, I discussed colouring the grout with my customer as removing and re-grouting is a time consuming and expensive option. Additionally, the colourant provides an easy to clean barrier over the grout that will protect it from discolouration going forward.

While waiting for the grout to dry following the cleaning I set about removing the mastic around the shower and walls with a sharp knife.

After an hour of slow cutting the grout was ready for colouring. With a small, stiff paintbrush I painted a White Tile Doctor Grout Colourant into the grout lines, wiping away any excess from the tiles. The colourant dries very quickly so I could apply a second coat where needed soon after.

Once done my final task was to apply the white silicon mastic to all verticals and the bath surround to ensure the bath was watertight. This takes a while to cure so I advised the clients not to use the shower for 24 hours. I should mention the glaze on Ceramic tiles provides adequate protection from dirt, ensuring they are easy to clean and therefore do not require further sealing.

By the end of the day the bathroom looked like a new installation, their trendy Metro style tiles were rejuvenated, and my clients loved the wall of white.

Ceramic Tiled Bathroom After Cleaining Dorking Ceramic Tiled Bathroom After Cleaining Dorking

As my client was selling the property there was little point in discussing aftercare, however for your benefit I would recommend cleaning with Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro. This product will neutralise any acid build up caused by shampoos and shower products in the first place and it is these acids that cause discoloration over time.

Now I don’t want to worry anyone about the word acids, the human skin is slightly acidic so the products we use on our skin are designed for this, but if your eyes sting slightly when they come into contact with the shampoo then that is the acid. Naturally, it washes out with water, but you can imagine what it will do to your grout, tiles, and silicone over a long period of time.


Professional Cleaning of a Ceramic Bathroom Tiles in Surrey

Soot damaged Grout cleaned and re-coloured in Warlingham

This job was completed to resolve an Insurance claim for a lady who lives in Warlingham whose bathroom tiles and grout had been damaged from smoke and soot. A building company had attempted to clean the tiles however the lady was not satisfied and told the insurance company it was to be done properly. On inspection the grout was still a bit dirty but I told her it was possible to clean it up, but could not guarantee it would be a uniform finish. I suggested that she could have the grout re-coloured at the same cost and gave her a small demonstration, she was happy with this and contacted the insurance company to get the go ahead; a week later she called me to book it in.

Ceramic Tile and Grout Before Ceramic Tile and Grout Before

Preparing the Tile and Grout for Re-colouring

When I started the job I went over it with the lady to make sure she was happy with the colour and if there were any other issues. She pointed out that on the border tiles had discoloured and on closer inspection I found that they were a marble tile and the builders had put a topcoat seal on them to make them shiny but because it was the wrong type of seal and it had started to peel.

As a result it was necessary to the sealer as so I put a coat of remove and go on the border tiles and left it to dwell; I also sprayed a solution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean onto the ceramic wall tiles and scrubbed the tiles and grout before washing then down with warm water. By this time I could then scrub the border tiles in order to remove the old topcoat sealer. I dried the border tiles using my heat gun and the applied a coat of Ultra-Seal; the marble tiles had to be sealed before I could colour the grout.

Applying Grout Colourant

Once everything had been rinsed and the grout had dried I was able to apply the grout colourant using my colour applicator (toothbrush). Its meticulous work so it took a couple of hours to apply and by then I could go round to remove any excess colourant by spraying plain water and scrubbing with a white pad. I use a white pad, because if I used a coloured pad I could transfer the dye from the coloured pad to the seal.

Ceramic Tile and Grout After Ceramic Tile and Grout After

Once I had completed the whole room I checked to make sure everything was okay and found I needed to touch up a couple of areas. I then buffed all the tiles up and cleaned the bath, sink and floor and asked the lady to check it all before putting all my equipment and dust sheets back into the van. The lady was really happy with the result (see comment below) and has asked me to do the same work in her kitchen.

Bill worked continually throughout the day without a break. He was very polite and courteous He was full of knowledge and yes I would use again.

Kim Dehnert, Wallingham


Grout restoration in Warlingham

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