Paving and Driveway Cleaning

House main Pathway After Cleaning

Although it’s not something we do a great deal of were occasionally asked if we can clean driveways and paving. This is especially relevant for the elderly where paths can become slippery and treacherous with moss etc. if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning Paving Stones

The requirements for this job were to clean the external paving leading up to the house and around the side. We already have the tools and products required for this work and so it’s well within our capability.

House main Pathway Before Cleaning House side Pathway Before Cleaning

The process for cleaning the pathway was really straight forward; to start with we mixed up a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean with water and applied that to the surface of the paving st>one. This was left to dwell for a while so the chemicals could get to work and eat into the dirt of the surface. The paving slabs where then jet washed using an industrial high pressure Jet Wash machine until we were satisfied with the results. For tough areas it’s necessary to scrub the Pro-Clean into the surface of the paving with a stiff brush to remove the soil before jet washing.

House main Pathway After Cleaning House side Pathway After Cleaning

These paving slabs were textured and offer a good grip when clean, however some slabs are very smooth and can be lethal when wet, if you have tiles of this nature then talk to us about our non etching Anti-Slip treatment.

House Steps After Cleaning

Cleaning Household Paving in Surrey

Paving and Driveway Cleaning
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